Hi, I am Konstantinos

I am an Architect, Designer, Blogger and Crossfitter

Having obtained a Diploma and a Master in Architecture from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and Architectural Association, London, UK respectively, I am currently a London based architect. After 4 years of working for Zaha Hadid Architects, I am now a member of PLP Architecture. Even though architecture has played a critical role in shaping the kind of person I am today, it does not define me. After all, that’s what an architect has to be: free of preconceptions, affirmations, definitions. The moment you become an Architect, you are not an architect any more.

I think of myself as a creator and as an impenitent pursuer of excellence. I am thrilled by the very act of perceiving a new idea. I embrace the process of developing it. I feel awe against innovation. I indulge in exploring my mind and my psyche all the way up to their brightest peaks and all the way down their deepest abyss. I challenge my physical limitations till my body can do no else than expand them. I am trying to trace that fine path of mental and physical balance where a human being performs at its best. And I have a single goal by the end of every day: to be a better person than what I was when the day started.

supersizeme is a blog about entrepreneurship as it happens. An entrepreneurship seen through a different perspective – as a medium of one’s personal development, happiness and freedom and as a medium of serving the society and tailoring a better world. supersizeme aspires to be a resource, a platform of interaction and a pool of inspiration and trigger a domino that will make the scenery out there more colourful as it progresses.

I am happy you are here. I hope you will stick around!

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