why routines are important

why routines are important and why you (should) love them even if you think you don’t

Routines are important in everyone’s pursuit of excellence. A routine, or if you prefer a habit, lies right in the core of efficiency, thus increased productivity and potentially increased effectiveness. The truth is that I used to say that I hate routines. But over the last year I came to realise not only that routines are important but that I actually cannot live without them. Thinking of how that transition in my perspective happened, I created this post with my ideas around the matter. Why routines are important The most important thing about routines is not that you organise daily
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Love and Fear

love and fear on decision making

Have you ever felt that for something you believe is true, everyone else in the world believes otherwise? If yes, then you know how it feels. If no, then let me tell you that this usually leaves an unpleasant feeling – nasty, in a nasty way. You either feel utterly lonely or reasonably mad. I don’t know which is the worst of these two. But what is more intriguingly interesting is that nothing can shake your world view more than finding another person believing the same as you. That moment is almost apocalyptic. It has the power to force you
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how to start a blog

how to start a blog: a supersized step-by-step guide

I have recently answered a few blogging related questions on social media and after a while I started getting questions from various people on what is the best way to start a blog. So, I decided to put together all the bits and pieces that you need to start a blog and compile a step-by-step guide type of post. I have previously written about the reasons for which I think everyone should start a blog. Now it’s time to explore how – I will just drop a two-line comment to give a bit of context. I feel I should highlight that
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self-education and the pursue of perpetual learning

I have always been intrigued by the versatility of the human brain. I have spent countless hours trying to understand how thoughts are synthesised into my mind. I recall moments when I was not listening to others, instead I was observing the structure of their sentences and the sequence of their descriptions trying to understand how the way that their mind forms ideas differs from mine. And I have understood that cognitive abilities, as almost everything, do not depend only on genetics but they can be trained and developed. Thus, I believe that the key factor of exceptional performance is the perpetual learning
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Passive Income

passive income: a brief introduction to the business models of freedom

Passive income. The holy grail of entrepreneurship. The passport to freedom. The hey to an extraordinary lifestyle that you know it exists but you have no clue where it could be hidden of all places. Of course there is a touch of humour in those first sentences. And of course it is not all humour. Because passive income it might be easier than you think, yet not easy at all, and because it is not the elixir to happiness. But I will happiness for another day. I feel that the intention to become an entrepreneur usually stems from the desire
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Parkinson's Law

parkinson’s law and how to turn success into a habit

Parkinson’s law comes back to back with my previous article on The Pareto Principle. I believe that these two concepts consolidate each other and form a really powerful productivity combination. If you are not familiar with Parkinson’s Law, as I wasn’t till a few months ago, you might as well be a bit confused since you are probably thinking of situations involving trembling hands or other shaking body parts. Which is funny as well as inaccurate. On the other, if you do are familiar with it, I hope this article will help you apply it to your everyday life and
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pareto principle

the pareto principle: how to achieve more by doing less

I used to say that I don’t have enough time very often. Way too often. I actually liked saying that I need at least 30 hours in every day to manage to accomplish everything I was aiming for. Till the moment I was introduced to the 80/20 Pareto Principle – not very long ago. Since that moment I feel it is rather arrogant to complain about time. Not because it showed me how to squeeze a million things in minimum time. It didn’t. Instead, it helped me realise how many of all these things I didn’t really need to do
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start a blog

7 reasons everyone should start a blog

I have always been an avid lover of blogs – in fact I had created my first one more than 8 years ago. Back then it was a very personal page, not far from being a digital diary which for several reasons I abandoned after a few posts. Now that I am back into blogging in a different context, I love it even more and I do believe that everyone should start a blog. Why? Because a blog is very simple to setup, extremely diverse, highly personalised and greatly rewarding. It can be a great way to do anything from
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productivity tools

6 free productivity tools to anchor your workflow when you start a website or blog

When you start a new website, whether in the form of a personal blog or a company website, there are quite a few things to setup before things start rolling out as intended and desired. This can be overwhelming and time consuming. So, here are 6 productivity tools that you should implement in your workflow early on and can provide some relief as well as help you speed up things quite significantly. Evernote The website is up, the hustle has just started. You work using your smartphone in the tube while commuting or your tablet in the taxi while posh-commuting,
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the mental state of fitness

the mental state of fitness: how physical exercise is associated with entrepreneurial success

You have probably encountered several posts around the web about successful habits that the world’s top performers follow in their pursue of excellence. If so, you may have noticed that an exercise regime is present in almost everyone’s routine. Frankly, it has to be. I have personally experienced it when I added physical exercise in my morning routine almost four years ago – and I religiously follow it ever since. Here is why you should do the same. Let’s explore the mental state of fitness. Personality Composure & Mental Toughness Initiating a regular physical exercise routine is a task that
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100 days of blogging: from insecurity to determination and beyond

100 days of blogging. And what 100 days those have been. A small milestone to conquer, yet a great opportunity to compile a post touching upon several aspects of this new adventure of mine. The motives, the aspirations, the feelings, the practical issues and the everyday tasks. The early days I wouldn’t like to start the story-telling from Day 1, I’d rather start unravelling supersizeme’s story just a little bit before it’s actual birth. It was early October of 2015 when the desire to create my own little thing, my own drive into life if you will, started burning me
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you don’t need money, you need time: why owning the funds to start a business is counter-intuitive for first-time entrepreneurs

I used to believe that in order to start a business you needed a pile of money waiting into your bank account to be invested in your dream company. In fact, I used to believe that this sum had to be big enough not only to allow you to set up the business but also to keep it alive through the first, possibly unprofitable, months. But after just three months into working on supersizeme this perception has been totally shattered. First-time entrepreneurs don’t need money, they need time. Owning the funds to start a business is counter-intuitive for first-time entrepreneurs If you
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online subscription business

online subscription business: the perfect business model – why, how, what?

You have finally taken the step beyond that line that separates wishful thinking from determination. You are not thinking that you would like to have your own business any more, you have now decided that you will start your own business no matter what it takes. But you have never had a business before nor even made an attempt. So, probably you are not aware of the full range of the business models that you could adopt. And if you have been an employee for quite a while then the chances are that you were living in your own professional
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disruptive innovation

disruptive innovation: how an ordinary idea can lead to an extraordinary success

In my post on Innovation, after defining the term I outlined the basic concepts on how innovation works. If you haven’t read it already, I believe it is worth reading that one first so you have a defined framework before diving into the slightly deepest waters of Disruptive Innovation. Last years Disruptive Innovation is a trending term in the circles of entrepreneurship and business and for good reason. Some of the most prominent examples of rapid growing companies with profound success, such as Airbnb and TransferWise, are excellent applications of the disruption model. The latter is a model worth considering
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innovation: definition and core concepts that you think you know but you probably aren’t

In the world of business and entrepreneurship, innovation is probably the term that you come across more often than any other. Of course that makes perfect sense since innovation lies exactly at the core of an established business’ sustained growth or of a startup’s breakthrough success. Yet, I have come to realize that people don’t clearly understand what innovation really means. It is one of those so common terms that everyone assumes well known, thus no one ever defines anymore and everyone perceives in a different way as if it is open to interpretation. If you randomly ask people to
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escaping the rat race: the £0 investment approach

In this post I am going to layout how I intend to transform my life to become more fulfilling. It is going to be fairly personal not because I love myself so much that I want to talk about me all the time nor for any other reason you might possibly think of. I just want to layout my reasoning hoping that this could work as a template for you and help you, even a little bit, to draw your own first steps down to your own unexplored path. Prior to that, I just want to quickly point out a
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susime: entrepreneurship in the making

Susime is the acronym of supersize me and it is a blog about ideas on business and entrepreneurship from a quite different perspective. The actual name represents the initiative and the process of taking a tiny little idea and growing it in size and directions beyond whatever you could have imagined upon perceiving that idea in the first place. So, it is about startups, business, entrepreneurship – you name it. After all, it is about creating and developing ideas and the end goal is to inspire you to start trying things out. Let’s all start crafting ideas, throw them out
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